Zoo U is a web-based social-emotional learning game for 2nd-4th graders. It’s a narrative-driven, point-and click adventure game. Originally Zoo U was built with Flash, however with Flash nearing end-of-life, I led the project to convert the game to HTML5 so it could continue to be used by tens of thousands of students using any device with access to the internet. I successfully released the HTML5 version of Zoo U over the Summer of 2019.

Players can design their own character in Zoo U

Zoo U is made up of 36 levels, has over 15 hours of game-play, and has tons of mini-games and interesting game-play mechanics to keep the game engaging throughout. Re-releasing Zoo U was a relatively large undertaking, it’s a size-able game and due to the major architectural differences between Flash and HTML5/Canvas, a lot of the game had to be re-coded and changed around.

Educators are provided dynamic reports based on how a student plays.

Zoo U is available for trial and purchase on Centervention.