S.S. Grin is a game I helped commercialize and ship for Centervention in 2017. It’s based on a story that long ago, the residents of Pacifico Island had trouble making and keeping friends.

The wise old King and Queen created the seven Friendship Stones and gave them qualities of friendship to teach the islanders: Respect, Think Ahead, Stop and Think, Communication, Check it Out, Building Friendships, and Cooperation. The seven friendship stones have been stolen by the evil Commander Callous.

Student’s join the crew of the S.S. GRIN, to return the seven friendship stones. The recruit must solve puzzles and demonstrate the skills represented by each stone to earn the trust of the stone-keepers and return all seven stones safely back to the ship.

S.S. Grin is a Flash game that you can request a trial for at Centervention.