Hall of Heroes was a social-emotional learning game I maintained as part of my work at Centervention. The game was released before I came on board, so my main responsibilities were to fix various bugs in the game, provide Level 3 technical support, as well as to ensure that the game scaled well and continued to integrate smoothly with the rest of Centervention’s online experience which included student logins, cloud saves, dynamic reports, etc. The game was designed for middle-school students and was used by tens of thousands of students across the country.

In Hall of Heroes, students enroll in a superhero middle school where they must build their powers and skills to make friends, resist peer pressure, and save the school from supervillain Dr. Klepto. In addition, students improve middle school readiness skills, such as locker combinations and getting to class on time. By building their skills during gameplay, they become more confident when they encounter similar challenges in real-world situations.

The game depicts a common sources of anxiety for middle school students such as choosing a seat in the lunchroom.
Advice and cues for how to behave in new situations are provided by peers in the game.

You can give Hall of Heroes a try and buy it at Centervention.