Trailer for the unreleased Fuzzy Palz VR game

Fuzzy Palz is an unreleased dog training virtual reality simulation built using the Unity Game Engine that I was the sole developer of. The project began as part of an Educational Technologies course and continued on into an independent study as part of my Georgia Tech Master’s Degree program. Initially the simulation was built for the Oculus GearVR and later iterations added support for 6-degrees of freedom controllers and the Oculus Rift. It supports voice recognition, hand gestures, has teleport-based movement and mini-games like throwing a tennis ball for the dog to go fetch! Teach the virtual dog to sit, down, stay, come, and reward the dog to reinforce when it listens properly to the spoken command.

Full play-through of the dog training simulation

Final presentation for the independent study project

You can find the source code for the project on GitHub.