Space Blast Released

Space Blast Released

It has a name…..Space Blast! My Match 3 / Candy Crush clone is now named Space Blast and is available to play now via web browsers here! You can also play it on Android by installing Space Blast from the Google Play Store! I am still working on getting in available on iPhone, iPad. I’ll update this post with links to the app when it is available there.

The challenge was to build a game in a month and for the most part I’d call it a success. Space Blast is a match 3 game / Candy Crush clone with a variety of “special” pieces, some challenge, and little bit of polish (particle effects, sound effects, level select, etc.

Ideally I would have had more time at the end of the month to create 50-100 levels rather than launching with the measly 6 levels that I launched with:

Given another week I would have built a level generator to generate the levels for me and gradually increase the difficulty, and introduce new “special” pieces over time.

I learned a lot about the Godot game engine by building this game over the last month. I really like that Godot allows, and encourages nesting scenes inside of other scenes. For instance each piece is a scene that inherits from a generic Piece scene, that is then instantiated into the scene as needed. This allows for developing in a very object-oriented fashion, combining art assets and code into self-contained entities that can be as re-usable as is helpful. They are similar to prefabs in Unity but seem to be more versatile. I also am enjoying the signal system in Godot. I’m not totally sold on event-driven architecture, JavaScript left a bad taste in my mouth in that regard, but I appreciate how simple Godot makes it to emit a signal and have that signal connected to other parts of your code.

The other thing that would have been nice to have more time at the end of the month was publishing on the android and iOS app stores. My initial app submission got rejected from Google Play app store due to not including a privacy policy for the app. Creating an iPhone/iPad app requires a Mac, or at least running OSX in an emulator. I’m a Windows guy so I don’t have a Mac handy so I’m still working on getting a dev. setup to be able to publish iPhone apps, but at least once that is setup it should make it more straight-forward for future apps.

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