Match 3 Progress Update 1 – Game a Month – May 2019

Match 3 Progress Update 1 – Game a Month – May 2019

So for my “Game a Month” challenge for the month of May, I went with a pretty basic game type: a Candy Crush clone. I’m following a tutorial pretty closely for this game, which doesn’t leave much room for innovation, but gives me a fresh perspective on the Godot game engine and walks me through some features in Godot that I might not stumble across otherwise. It feels like cheating following a tutorial, but it has its benefits, it makes progress go pretty quick:

At this point I have the core game-play for Match 3 functional and in place: Pieces can be dragged, if a match of 3 or more is made it will destroy those pieces, and then new pieces drop in endlessly By using the Godot engine I could easily export this game as-is to Web, Android, iOS, and PC. This is roughly 8-12 hours of development progress in my spare time. I’ve also spent some of my spare time this month setting up this Blog. If time allows, the next steps will be:

  • Add particle effects
  • Unique game pieces
  • Scoring
  • Levels
  • World map
  • Space Theme: My wife loves Match 3 games and helped to me decide on making this game have a space theme so I will be making new custom artwork if time allows as well.

Some Godot game engine features I’ve gotten to use for the first time thanks to this game and the tutorials accompanying it:

  • Tween: I’m using Godot’s Tween to have new pieces slide into place.
  • Exported Node Variable: I’m passing strings into a Node so I can use the same Class for multiple game pieces and have the color be defined outside of code.
  • Built-in IDE: Previously I’ve used Visual Studio Code for most game programming, including programming GDScript for Godot. I will probably switch back to using Visual Studio Code at some point, but for now I’m appreciating that the built-in IDE does feel fully functional as of Godot 3.1. I definitely appreciate it’s “distraction free” mode when working on my laptop which lets me just see the code and not clog my screen with the rest of the Godot IDE.

I haven’t had too much time to dedicate to side projects so far this month, hopefully I’ll find some more time to add to this Match-3 game so it can be more polished and feature-rich before my self-imposed cutoff at the end of the month. I know this weekend is full though: I’m running a 5K for mental health awareness as well as helping my brother-in-law move into our house.

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